Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the best time to do grub control on my lawn?
A. There are two types of treatments, preventative and curative, and the products used are very different. If the application is preventative, then the application can be made from June through August. Curative treatments must be done when grubs are actively feeding which is typically April/May and Sept/Oct

Q. How do I check for grubs?
A. If you see signs of animal damage (such as dig marks from skunks) that is usually a good indicator of grubs. Grubs feed on the roots of grass, which will make the grass “pull up” like a carpet. An experienced technician can easily identify whether or not a lawn has grubs.

Q. What is “Core Aeration” and what time of year is it done?
A. Over time lawns can become compacted from foot traffic, lawn mowers, etc. Core Aeration is a method of removing “cores” or “plugs” from the lawn, which can help alleviate compaction allowing water, air and nutrients to more easily enter the root zone. This service can be done at any time during the season.