Disease & Pest Management


The presence of insects and disease on your trees and shrubs is more often a result of some other problem affecting your plants which is making them vulnerable to attack. In most situations, healthy, vigorous, well maintained plants are resistant to outbreaks of insects and disease.

Although some pests (many non-native) attack healthy plants, it is more the exception than the rule. Many factors influence the presence of disease and pests in your landscape:

  • Host plant/species
  • Site conditions
  • Environmental stress, such as drought
  • Past pruning practices
  • Current plant health
  • History of pesticide use

Management of insect pests and disease rarely relies on a single control practice. At Urban Tree Service we implement programs that include the use of pest resistant or tolerant plants and cultural, physical, mechanical, biological, and eco-friendly chemical control. Applying multiple control tactics minimizes the chance that insects will adapt to any one tactic.

Urban Tree Service implements a variety of management techniques to keep your plants healthy and vigorous, and thus more resistant to pests and diseases, including the use of eco-friendly chemical control when necessary. In general, applying fewer chemicals on your trees and shrubs makes your landscape safer for your family and the environment. Sometimes, however, the use of pesticides is the best option for controlling a disease or pest problem. We always incorporate safe, alternative chemical control methods.

If you have a tree or shrub that believe may be diseased, call 603.332.1246 or fill out our Service Request Form to schedule an appointment