Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What spray services do you offer?
A: We offer a broad range of services that include but are not limited to, insect and disease control, fertilization, herbicide applications, anti-transpirants which reduce winter burn, and deer repellant sprays to reduce deer browsing. We also offer high quality lawn care services.

Q: How safe are the pesticides that you use?
A: When deciding what pesticides to use, safety is always the first consideration. We continually update our products as they become available to the market. In most incidences, the materials that we use are safer than the products that are available at your local store. In addition, we have “natural” programs that utilize naturally derived products and cultural methods.

Q: Do you spray for mosquitoes and ticks and how long is the spray effective?
A: Yes, we do spray for mosquitoes and ticks. Depending on conditions, the application will be effective from one to three weeks.

Q. Should I fertilize my trees?
A. Trees often require fertilization at some point in their life span. Remember, most tree’s natural environment is the forest. There nutrients are continually recycled as leaves, other plant, and even animal material fall and decompose on the forest floor. When trees are brought into a landscape environment, this part of the ecosystem is usually disrupted.

Q. How does the arborist determine when to fertilize? Why does my tree need a soil test?
A. Arborists have a number of tools at their disposal. The best is the arborist’s knowledge of local soil and environmental conditions. The arborist may be able to make a fertilization recommendation simply by examining your tree and yard. This saves the client time and money. On other occasions the problem may be more complex and the arborist will recommend a soil and/or foliar analysis to determine the problem. Your arborist does know that most shade trees growing in landscape settings will benefit from nitrogen. Nitrogen is not stable in the soil. It is easily washed away by water and may periodically need to be replaced.