Poison Ivy & Vegetation Control

Like most people, if you have poison ivy on your property you are probably looking for a way to eliminate this unpleasant and potentially irritating plant. Poison ivy may not be the only invasive plant that you want to remove.

There could be brambles taking over usable space in your yard, a dense thicket limiting access through your wood lines or a plant like Japanese Knot weed (often called “False Bamboo”) taking over the side of your barn. Parking lots and walks may also develop undesirable growth.

Areas that have been infested with these types of plant material can be converted to better use. In both residential and commercial settings, Urban Tree Service can get rid of these objectionable plants and keep them from invading again.

Contact our experts, and let us clean up these areas! We are happy to save you the itching, scratching, and cutting.