Root Collar Correction

Often time’s trees are planted too deep, are planted in improper soils or have excess soil or mulch covering the root flares (bulging part of the bottom of the tree). This can result in decline, girdling root formation, root rot and even tree death. Rope, twine and steel baskets left around the roots when planted are other common causes of girdling root formation. Girdled roots grow around the main stem of the tree and cut off or restrict plant nutrients, stored food reserves and the movement of water.

Root Collar Correction is the process of removing excess soil from the top of root flares and around the trunks of trees. During this process, Urban Tree Service has perfected the technique to utilize a specialized tool to blow excess soil from around the root collar (the tool’s non-invasive and non destructive way of exposing the roots). With the root collar exposed the structure of the root system is evaluated to determine the appropriate corrective measures needed to enhance root development. Once diagnosed, these problems are manually corrected to create the right environment for the tree to flourish.