Tree & Shrub Care

There are many things that can be done to promote and maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Regular pruning is a very important aspect, which in addition to the health benefits, may also maintain desired shape, increase flowering, increase foliage density, and can prevent injuries and property damage. Additionally, by improving soil fertility, including fertilization, your trees and shrubs are getting all of the nutrition that they require to thrive.

Using modern equipment, trained personnel, and state-of-the art techniques, we maintain and beautify your valuable shade trees, ornamentals, evergreens, and shrubs. Properly pruned trees and shrubs are more pleasing to the eye, healthier, and add equity to your home and landscape.

If you have a tree or shrub that you would like us to look at, call 603.332.1246 or fill out our Service Request Form to schedule an appointment.