Planting & Transplanting

Landscaping with trees can increase the equity in your home, as well as provide aesthetic enhancements to your property. Whether you choose a nursery-grown tree or would like to have an existing tree on your property moved to another location, we have the experience and specialized equipment to help.

We can determine which varieties will do best in particular locations and soil types, select the best nursery stock, and carefully plant your new tree. Then, we follow-up with nurturing programs to quickly establish new roots and secure your newest addition.

Our mechanical tree spade takes the backbreaking effort of moving existing trees to more desirable locations on your property. We regularly move trees 4-5 inches in diameter and can take on larger projects as your needs dictate. This is an economical alternative when compared to the cost of planting similar size nursery stock. The rewards include mature landscape results in a fraction of the time.

If you have would like to add some trees to your landscape or need a tree that you need moved, call 603.332.1246 or fill out our Service Request Form to schedule an appointment.