Tree & Shrub Pruning


Why prune your trees and shrubs? The benefits are numerous. Pruning helps to promote and maintain health. This is done by removing branches that rub together, are dead, damaged, infected by disease, or suffer from insect infestation. Regular pruning also promotes the esthetic value of your plants by encouraging flowering, increasing density of foliage, and maintaining the desired shape and size. Finally, managed pruning helps to prevent injuries and property damage by improving branch structure and removing weak limbs before they can fall to the ground.

Using modern equipment, trained personnel, and state of the art techniques, we maintain and beautify your valuable shade trees, ornamentals, and evergreens. We apply these same skills to managing your landscape plants. Properly pruned trees and shrubs are pleasing to the eye, healthier, and add equity to your home and landscape.

If you have trees and shrubs that need pruning, call 603.332.1246 or fill out our Service Request Form to schedule an appointment.